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Green Building Practices


Our remodeling process includes the design-and-build method of project delivery best defined as "one-stop shopping." By providing all the necessary design and construction services as well as sourcing cabinets, solid surfacing, and other building materials, Design Solutions offers a truly "one-stop" option to owners looking to simplify the remodeling process. Our design-and-build process is broken down into the following stages:

Initial Meeting — The process begins with a "no-charge" meeting where we discuss your goals, vision, budget, and general scope of work. We explain our process and fee structure, present examples of previous work, and answer any questions you may have. Based on this meeting, we then provide you with a design agreement and estimate for design services.

Design Development — During this stage, we first take necessary measurements, assess existing mechanical and any required structural changes, and check city planning requirements or restrictions. We then develop scaled floor plans and preliminary schematic drawings, meeting with you to revise the project design based on our discussions and budget until you sign off on the final design.

Contract Documents & Bid Phase — We then take the design drawings and develop a set of construction drawings to be used for permitting and bidding. Architectural, engineering, and any applicable Title 24 and 311 reports are addressed as well as subcontractor bids, costing, and preparation of a budget of expected costs for all construction and furnishings. Products and finish materials selection begins, and a construction agreement is prepared.

Construction — Once all construction permits are procured, we provide you with a detailed production schedule. Our project management team and qualified craftsmen will complete your project in a professional manner. We meet with you often and keep you updated on the progress of your project. Upon completion of the punch list walkthrough and final payment, we conclude by providing you with a complete spec book and performance survey.

Green Building

Design Solutions is a Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP) and a dealer of certified green cabinets and building materials. We therefore offer unique expertise and services to meet your "green" remodel design needs.

There are many reasons to build or remodel green, including satisfying a concern for the environment, an interest in building more efficiently, and health considerations. By applying a "green" perspective to design, construction, and remodeling, green building brings together the benefits of resource conservation, energy savings, and healthier living.

Incorporating natural and efficient lighting, proper ventilation, and efficient heating and cooling systems are just some of the ways to create a green home that is more comfortable. Adding low VOC emitting products such as cabinets, floors, paints, and insulation provides healthier indoor air quality.

Remodeling and building green is about building better. A green home is built to last, with quality design and construction that hold up over time; it costs less to live in and maintain because they’re built to be energy-efficient and durable; it gives you more for your money, making the property of greater value both to you and the rest of the population.

Contact Design Solutions in San Francisco, California, to reap the rewards of our green building practices.